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                        • The main production
                        • Light tube, black annealing, galvanized tube, internal scraping tube, profile tube, rolling tube
                        • The production specification
                        • Circular tube:φ16--φ90
                        • Square tube:13方--80方
                        • The torque tube:10*20--50*100
                        • The thickness range:0.6--4.0
                        • Product features
                        • The can is clean without burr, the yield is high; The professional production of high performance pipe can satisfy the different processing requirements of bending, shrinking head, expanding head, flapper and embossing. The raw material adopts the broadband in the three strong metal, the material can be chosen widely, the surface of the tube is smooth, the plating effect of the bright tube is good. The amount of zinc on the galvanized pipe can be 40g - 275 grams. Products, furniture, electric car, fitness equipment, greenhouse and other fields.
                        • Crimped wire tube

                          Crimped wire tube

                        • Crimped wire tube

                          Crimped wire tube

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