1. The latest bulletin: integrity, the market is always changing, the good faith will never change
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                        13932610301Cui Shikai
                        13731605144  Shao Jin


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                        BAZHOU SANQIANGZHIGUAN CO.,LTD
                        contact: Cui Shikai
                        phone: 13932610301
                        contact: Shao Jin
                        phone: 13731605144
                        contact: hong-bo tian
                        phone: 13730374359
                        contact: YangKai
                        phone: 15128688233
                        machine: 0316-7196801
                        fax: 0316-7196800
                        url: www.skipsart.com
                        address: The west side of jianhua street corridor of shengfang town, langfang city, hebei province

                        Corporate honor

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