1. The latest bulletin: integrity, the market is always changing, the good faith will never change
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                        BAZHOU SANQIANGZHIGUAN CO.,LTD
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                        Corporate culture

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                        Our vision -- The three strong and stronger, the youth self-realization to give back to the community

                        Our spirit -- We will win the battle if we can win the battle

                        Our values -- Dmart people can be brave and brave 

                                      Yan can lead an altruistic person by example 

                        Our outlook on life - doing good things for people is a win-win

                        Our view of the atmosphere - Corporate discipline is as strict as the military

                                                     Corporate learning atmosphere is like school

                                                     Employees feel like family members

                        Our business view -- The process of strict arrest pays attention to the day and day of the day

                        Our management view -- Management is serious love, management ruthlessness, people have feelings

                        Our customer view -- The promotion of customer value is the only reason we exist

                        Our customer view -- Industry, happiness, innovation, dedication, loyalty, appreciation and gratitude